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Molecular Formula

Functional Uses:

  •  Natural and pure sweet taste, Isomaltitol can be used in combination with intense sweeteners in order to cover up their unpleasant taste. Low calories, low hygroscopcity, tooth-friendly, applicable to diabetics. High stability, Isomaltitol won't react chemically with other ingredients in the food. For example, Maillard Reaction won't occur between Isomaltitol and Amino-acid. Besides, Isomaltitol cannot be used by most microorganisms, which makes products containing Isomaltitol have a longer shelf life. It has high tolerance. Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) has approved that no limit is set on the daily intake of Isomaltitol. It is widely used for the manufacture of sugar-free foods.

Specification: 20-40mesh granule, 160-200mesh powder


Whitecrystal powder


98%-102% of which 43-57% is GPS

Water(free and crystal)





Redoing sugars(as glucose)



Ash content


Total heavy metal(as lead)








Bacteria Bacleria q'ty


Colon Bacillus Bacteria q'ty


Causative organism (enterococcus and enter pathogenic bacteria)


Yeasts and noulds


Additional parameters color of solution

≤75ICUMSA units

Package: 20kg or 25kg / bag or drum


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