Molecular Formula:C6H14O6صنایع آرایشی بهداشتی, وارد کننده و عرضه کننده سوربیتول 70%, سوربیتول مایع, پودر سوربیتول, شیرین کننده, صنایع غذایی و آشامیدنی, صنایع دارویی, غذاهای رژیمی

Product introduction::
Functional speciality:

  •  Sorbitol, a polyol (sugar alcohol), available as viscous syrup or crystalline powder, it is a benign polyhydric alcohol with six hydroxyl groups. It is a bulk sweetener found in numerous food products. In addition to providing sweetness, it is an excellent humectant and texturizing agent. Sorbitol is about 60 percent as sweet as sucrose with one-third fewer calories. It has a smooth mouthfeel with a sweet, cool and pleasant taste. It is non-cariogenic and may be useful to people with diabetes. Sorbitol has been safely used in processed foods for almost half a century. It is also used in other products, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Sorbitol crystall


White and odorless crystal powder

Sorbitol content




Reducing sugar


Melting point

95 to98℃

Specific rotation[α]D20(20℃)

+4.0to +7.0º

Annual output: 16000mt
Package: 25kg/ bag
Sorbitol syrup 70% (Crystalline type / Non-crystalline type)


70% Crystalline type

70% Non-Crystalline type


Transparent syrupy liquid

Transparent syrupy liquid

Dry substance

≥ 70%

≥ 70%

Water content

≤ 30%

≤ 30%


≥ 1.4575

≥ 1.4575

Specific gravity(20℃)g/ml

≥ 1.290

≥ 1.290

Package: 250kg/drum or IBC drum or Flexy tank or ISO tank.

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